# About CodeGenX

# 1. Languages Supported

CodeGenX currently only supports Python. We are planning to add additional languages in future releases.

# 2. Modules Trained On

CodeGenX was trained on Python code which covers many of its common uses. Some libraries which CodeGenX is specifically trained on are:

  1. Tensorflow
  2. Pytorch
  3. Scikit-Learn
  4. Pandas
  5. NumPy
  6. OpenCV
  7. Django
  8. Flask
  9. PyGame

# 3. How CodeGenX Works

At the core of CodeGenX lies a large neural network called GPT-J. GPT-J is a 6 billion parameter transformer model which was trained on hundreds of gigabytes of text from the internet. We fine-tuned this model on a dataset of open-source python code. This fine-tuned model can now be used to generate code when given an input with the right instructions.